This was one of my first projects, and because it no longer exists, documentation is going to be a bit scarce. The goal of the project was to create a system to montior and water my two Alaskan Malamutes remotely from my workplace. I no longer have sceenshots of the final version of the iOS app, but I could control three pan/tilt IP cameras, a hose, a garage door, and lights inside of the garage.


The main components of the hardware were:

  • Arduino Duemilanove - system controller
  • XPort - ethernet connectivity
  • 24VAC solenoid valve - water flow control
  • 120VAC to 24VAC transformer - power for the solenoid valve
  • 5V DC relay - switched on & off power to the solenoid valve


The Arduino code used in this project can be found on GitHub. It is awful and old, but maybe it can be useful to someone.


The video above was the first attempt before the iOS integration (it wasn’t called iOS at the time).

The video above demonstrates an early build of the iPhone remotely controlling the hose & IP camera.